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InfernaWAN Halo 5 2v2 Charity Tourney

We love it that we can have an impact during the COVID19 crisis and play Halo at the same time. We will be running a H5 2v2 during the online InfernaWAN weekend. InfernaWAN is part of LANfest, one of the greatest LAN Charity event producers of all time. InfernaLAN has been an large event in the Seattle area for many years. We are honored to be helping with their first online event. The winning team will get two $50 Microsoft gift cards.

The H5 2v2 will start on Friday May 15th at 12pm pacific time. We will play all matches except the Winners Semis, Winners and Losers Finals and the Grand Finals. These will be played and casted on Sunday May 17th, starting at 12pm pacific time. We will stream on Sunday to our Mixer Channel (MIXER.COM/PBLLIVE)

Players need to be registered for InfernaWan. There are two options to register. You can pick up a weekend pass and enjoy all the tournament, events and giveaways. Or, you can purchase a Halo 2v2 tournament ticket for $5. INFERNAWAN REGISTRATION

You will need to register your team for the event on the PBL Toornament site. INFERNAWAN PBL H5 2v2

We will us Discord to communicate with teams during the tournament. Join our discord at PBL DISCORD

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