Race To E3 PBL Players

May 17, 2019

 Here are the MIxer Matchups Race to E3 players to watch for the PBL.  




Taulek  - HOU Vipers
SGA Flurriously  - STL Sentinels
NWR Ultimega  - LA Legion
TuSick - ANA Pirates
Los Burger  -  CBUS Origin
l NuMBerZ  - DAL Stampede
eM PaulShi  - SEA Stryker
Ozprey  -  Chicago United
Ancients Seizure -   NSH Outlaws
LD50 II   - SJ Edge
Vapor KS -  KC Lightning
Ryno   -  DMV Knights
SighDefect  -  SEA Stryker
Xcrossfade   -  DET Overdrive

Soulsnipe - MN Predators

PB on Mixer - SF Dragons

Xrossfade - DET Overdrive

Vapor KS - KC Lighting

Fuzzy Gloves - CAR Riptide

MajicK ToucH - NY Titans

Reggie - SF Dragons


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