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Mixer Matchups Contest

We are glad to see that Mixer Matchups is including Halo 5 in their “Race to E3” event. So, we have decided to jump on board and get the PBL involved. We will be awarding $100 to each of the top four players who compete and represent their local PBL team. The points reported by Mixer will determine the top four players. Ranking will only be based Halo 5 results from May 20th to 27.

To be eligible you just need to let us know, through Twitter DM, the name you have registered with Mixer Matchups and the name of your PBL team. You can see the team for your region at You will need to post to the PBLHalo twitter when you go live on Mixer. Be sure to hashtag the PBL team you are repping in the post.

We will be updating a PBL leaderboard on daily. Points for the PBL leaderboard will be based on the what is reported on the Mixer Matchup page. Reach out on twitter @PBLHalo with any questions.

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