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Season 4 Launch Date Moved

We are moving the start of Season 4 to March 24th. We believe this delay will help make for a better season. One of the main reasons for the move is that the SXSW Halo event was announced after we decided the start date for the season. Moving our start past the event will help teams who have players that will be playing at the SXSW. Info on SXSW site here

Another reason is that we are having a lot of roster turnover for Season 4. By opening up the PBL to all players, we are seeing many new names who are jumping on board for regional Halo for the first time. We want to give teams plenty of prep time before the launch of the season.

We also will be making a major announcement at the end of February. The move will allow us to have time to roll out the new things we will announce.

Any question on the move can be directed to us through DM on twitter @PBLHalo.

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