Welcome Lux Gaming!

January 21, 2019


We were fortunate to meet with Lux Gaming at Dreamhack Atlanta.  Seeing their passion for Halo esports, and the competitive video game industry in general, gave us an immediate interest in the organization.  The meeting at Dreamhack led to a series of discussions about collaboration.


We can now announce that those discussions have led to Lux agreeing to help us make Season 4 the best ever for the PBL.  Lux will be adopting the Eastern Conference for the season.  Their involvement with the Eastern Conference means that the PBL will benefit from their expertise in building a top tier esports organization. 


Here is how Brad Foster, Lux CMO, describes the collaboration: 

"We have been impressed to see both the contributions the Pro Battle League has made to the Halo community, and the successes they have experienced over the past year with their Halo 5 league. At Lux Gaming, we will always put the Halo community first, and with that being said, we found this collaboration with PBL to be a perfect fit for us. Regional sports have proven that they have a place in eSports and are absolutely here to stay. We look forward to assisting PBL in continuing to grow Halo Regional Sports and in working with the PBL Halo Eastern Conference." 

By getting involved with the Eastern Conference, Lux will play a role in developing new Halo talent.  We believe that the Eastern Conference regions are rich in Halo talent.  We look forward to helping Lux discover talent and build future rosters which will allow them to dominate in competitions outside of the PBL.  


Lux will help by providing management support for all the Eastern Conference teams. Specifically, Lux will help captains with all aspects of fielding a team and getting the best Battle7ested talent from the region.  

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