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Season 4 Launch

The success of Season 3 and the intense matches of the NA Championship, has only made us want to do more. Therefore, we are working hard at creating an even bigger PBL Season 4. We will announcing more details as they come together. Here is what we can say for now.


The regular season will launch on March 10, 2019. We are looking to get through the regular season and qualification to have the North American Championship IV take place around the end of May. The regular season will again be focused on competition in the conferences. The team with the best record will be the conference champion and advance to the North American Championship. The two teams with the worst conference record will be eliminated from post season. Like with Season 3, all the other teams will go into a Qualification Tournament to see who plays against the conference champs in NA Championship.


A major change for Season 4 is that everyone is eligible to play on their regional team.


Below are the teams that will participate in Season 4. There are a couple of changes to note. First, the Portland Tempest has been moved to a Reserve Club of the Seattle Stryker. The Tempest was replaced in the Western Conference with the San Francisco Dragons. We love the rivalry that happens in SoCal between the LA Legion and the Anaheim Pirates. We are now focusing on another rivalry between North and South Bay in NorCal. Another change for Season 4 is that the Wisconsin Fury is back. The Fury has been purchased by Ahman Green and it will be exciting to see the team develop as he brings his experience with elite performance to the PBL.

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