Detroit Overdrive Launch

Looking back, we couldn’t be more happy with the results of Season 2 of the PBL. There are many things that we need to improve to make the PBL even better. However, the last season and NA Championship really helped establish regional Halo as a fantastic option for esports fans.

It is now time for us to expand to 24 teams to drive even more excitement as we ramp up for Season 3. One of those expansion franchises is the Detroit Overdrive. The expansion to Detroit is an example of how things will change for the PBL by adding 8 more regions. Last season, the WI Fury region included Michigan. The team benefited greatly from the talent there. Now that Detroit is in the league, MI has its own region.

A major impact on the Fury is that the captain, Kaiss, will transition over to being the captain of Overdrive. Kaiss and other team members from Michigan played a crucial role in making Fury the reigning NA Champions. We will see how other players in the Fury region will react to the challenge of building a team that can defend their title.