SEASON INFO- Bracket Seeding

May 16, 2018


Once we finish with the regular season, we will have two tournament brackets. They are the “Qualification Tournament” and the “North American Championship”.  The last place team in each conference after the regular season is eliminated from both brackets


North American Championship Bracket Seeding

The conference champion of each conference automatically goes to the North American Championship bracket. The conference champs occupy the 1-4 seeds.  The teams are seeded based on their record, the strength of their conference, and how they perform in the inter-conference battles.  The teams that come out of the Qualification Tournament are seeded into the North American Championship based on the results of the tournament.  The winning team of the Qualification Tournament is the 5 seed and plays the number 4 seed in the first round.  The second-place team is the number 6 seed and plays the number 3 seed and so on.  


Qualification Tournament Bracket Seeding
The second and third place teams in the conference matches are seeded into the Qualification Tournament Bracket.  Teams are seed based on conference record and results of the inter-conference battles. 




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