April 30, 2018


The primary focus of the PBL is to build the most talented team in each of our regions.  But our goal of contributing to the overall growth of local Halo communities goes hand in hand with our league goals.  We want to do all we can to see Halo players competing in local venues for a chance to represent their home region.  Our philosophy on rosters is built around getting as many people involved as possible.


Regional Restriction
Early on, we wanted to have something different with the PBL. So long before regional teams became a big deal with OWL, we set up the PBL to be tied to regions. We currently have 16 regions with plans to expand to 24 regions after this season. We really like the dynamic that watching your local franchise means you are seeing some of the best Halo talent in your region.  


You can see what team represents your region here:
Or, to find out what region a team represents, go to here:


Eight Player Roster
PBL teams have four starting players and up to four “extended roster” players.  Teams can pull players from their extended roster anytime before a series starts. Once the series begins, teams are set.  The extended roster is meant to give teams subs and also to have players in development.


Reserve Clubs
In each region, we plan to create four “Reserve Clubs” to help find the best talent for the franchise team.  We currently have several RCs and look forward to some RC battles soon. If you are interested in learning more about the RCs, reach out on @PBLHalo.


Roster Lock
The rosters are locked when a team plays their first match of the season.  After that, teams are only able to make roster changes in the case of some extreme circumstance.  You can view the team rosters on the BattlePro team page.


No HWC Players
The PBL is focused on BattleTesting local Halo players. We have a rule that players who competed on teams in the HWC are eliminated from competing in the PBL.  Any player on one of the 16 HWC teams in ineligible for PBL team rosters.

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