SEASON INFO - Prize Pool

April 23, 2018


There are players who are only interested in playing for prize money.  The PBL is not the best place for a player that sees money as the only motivation for competing.  From the beginning we have wanted the PBL to be a lot of fun. We feel that the aspect of regional rivalry creates a fun dynamic for players and spectators alike. People who like representing their home region will find that the PBL offers a great competitive environment.


That being said, we have always wanted to offer prize money as long as it didn’t overshadow regional rivalry.  One of the guiding principles of the PBL is to try and get as much “local” money as possible. We believe that a strong local Halo community leads to the best opportunity to develop talent. Therefore, we want to make sure that there is prize money that is for the conference level and not just the National Championship. Our plans are to develop more opportunities for teams to compete for prize money at the local level.  


Prize Pool Amounts and Distribution for this Season:

  • North American Championship Winning Team - $4000

  • North American Championship Runner-Up Team - $1000

  • Each Conference Championship Team - $400 – Sponsored by

  • Each Conference Championship Runner-Up Team - $100 – Sponsored by

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