April 20, 2018


The PBL has four conferences, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western. For this season, each conference has four teams. During the regular season, teams play each of their conference opponents twice. Conference matches are Best of Five.


The team with the best conference record at the end of the regular season is the Conference Champion. The four Conference Champions go straight to the North American Championship.  


The team with the worst conference record is eliminated from the post season.

The 2nd and 3rd place teams in all the conferences are placed in a seeded Qualification Bracket. The top four teams go on to meet the Conference Champs in the North American Championship. The Qualification Bracket matches are Best of Seven


The Qualification Bracket seeding is heavily based on the performance of the teams in the regular season. In addition, there is a mid-season match between conferences.  The matches against another conference do not count toward a team’s season record and are only for later seeding.  


The North American Championship bracket is seed based on strength of the conference determined during the inter-conference matches and the results of the Qualification Bracket.  The North American Championship matches are Best of Seven. 

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