At the PBL, our focus is on creating the best regional Halo competitions possible. With this in mind, we have decided to move the start of the season until after the completion of the HWC. We are making this decision to allow players that are focused on HWC an opportunity to play in the upcoming season and time to practice as a team. We have several teams that haven’t been able to practice together because of the time devoted to acquiring points for HCS.

We believe that this move will allow a better experience for players and fans of regional Halo. It will also allow us to create better broadcasts as well. If you are interested in joining a team, connect with your local team captain. Regions and team contacts can be found at battleleague.com/team-regions. Eligibility requirements will remain the same for the season. Players that are on the top 16 teams in the HWC are not eligible to compete in the PBL season.

We have seen some great comments about the Orlando event and feel that Halo esports is only going to get bigger. Please help support our efforts to do something unique in Halo esports and provide a great local experience by following @PBLHalo and Twitch.tv/ProBattleLeague.