We are very excited to announce that the PBL will be partnering with Platinum 5 Studios for the 2018 Winter Season and North American Championship. The PBL has always been about finding ways to create excitement through regional esports competition. Providing high quality streaming of our matches is a major focus to get attention for players and engage local fans. We are always looking for ways to improve our casting. Platinum 5 brings an outstanding group of people and skills to help us take our live casting of matches to a higher level.

Here is what Atlanta Zenith captain Hoaxer has to say about Platinum 5: "The quality of work that these gentlemen put into their craft is nothing less than special, and when it comes to their commitment to Halo, it's unquestioned as far as I'm concerned."

Platinum 5 will be advising and assisting with all our media, with a particular focus on covering the talented teams of the Eastern Conference. We can’t wait to start rolling out official matches, as well as see their impact on preseason battles. Keep an eye out for some surprise guest casters as well.

Because Platinum 5 needs to focus on the Esports Minor League until the end of January, we will move the beginning of the winter season to February 11th. So jump on and watch some great action with the ESML and then transition to the unique regional focus of the PBL after the Superbowl.