PBL Regular Season Format – May 7th

April 26, 2017


The regular season should be 7 weeks long with matches starting on May 7th.  Casting will prioritize "Featured Matches". To begin with, featured matches will involve the conference champs. We will re-evaluate featured matches after Phase II. 


Your 8 person team roster for your first regular season match is the roster that is locked for the season. 


Phase I
Teams play each team in their conference once. Each team should plan on two matches a week. 


Phase II
At the end of Phase I,  the team at the same place in the conference they are matches with.  #1 Team playes #1 Team. #2 vs #2 and so on. These matches do not factor in the season standing.


Phase III: 
Teams play each conference opponents a second time.  


Post Season
The team with the best record at the end of Phase III is crowned the conference champ and moves on to the post season championship. 


The team with the worst record in the conference is eliminated

The remaining teams are put together in a pool for a tournament to decide the top four remaining teams.  Teams are ranked based on regular season performance and inter-conference results from Phase II.


The top four teams join the conference champs in the post season tournament

We will do a power ranking to seed teams. The conference champs are seeds 1-4. Interconference play from Phase II helps to determine team rank. Seeds 5-8 are determined by the pool tournament outcome. 


The bracket will match teams based on seed. #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7...so on

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