A huge shout out to all the PBL teams for putting in the time and effort to build out the best squads in their regions. It is now time to transition to the regular season. That transition begins with a preseason tournament. The tournament will establish the best teams in the league at this point. The winning team members will be awarded 12-Month XB Live subscriptions. The winning team will also establish themselves as the best team in the league until the regular season championship.

The Preseason Tournament gives us the best look so far at who are best of our 16 PBL teams. We will use the tournament to determine which teams are featured on PBL Sunday casts. The top team in each region gets preferred coverage. The tournament also gives us an answer for which conference is the best and ultimately, which region reigns supreme. Visit for a view of teams and conferences.

The tournament is BO5 for the first round and second rounds. BO7 for final four and championship rounds. It will be single elimination so one match loss eliminates the team. We will use the (25m) Spartan ability radar settings.

Round One kicks off on this Sunday, April 9th. Round Two and Finals happen next Sunday, April 16th.

Link to bracket -

Here are the maps

Round 1: CTF - Truth Slayer - The Rig Strongholds - Plaza CTF - Fathom Slayer - Regret

Round 2: Strongholds - Empire Slayer - Eden CTF - Colisuem Strongholds - The Rig Slayer - Plaza

Final Four: Strongholds - The Rig Slayer - Truth CTF - Colisuem Strongholds - Eden Slayer - Plaza CTF - Truth Slayer - Regret

Championship CTF - Fathrom Slayer - Colisuem Strongholds - Empire CTF - Colisuem Slayer -Truth Strongholds - Eden Slayer - Plaza