Week 2 Eastern Conference Update

We are getting this up a little late unfortunately but here is the eastern conference audio blog from WK2. Vapor, captain of the Carolina Riptide and one of the eastern conference leaders, gives a first look at how things are shaping up in the region.

Vapor’s Competitive Halo Experience soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=0:40

Extended Roster Concept Discussion soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=10:38

Can the Riptide be the #1 team in the PBL? soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=17:04

Does Strongholds Show Off Teamwork More Than Other Map Types? soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=20:06

NY Titans and Carolina Riptide Rivalry soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=24:48

Will Eastern Conference Dominance Continue? https://soundcloud.com/pblhalo/eastern-conference-blog-wk2#t=25:57