Recap Audio Blog #2

This week’s Recap Audio Blog looks back at the PBL Halo Sunday matches from January 8th. Sunday featured Carolina Riptide, NY Titans, Houston Blast, St. Louis Sentinels and Portland Tempest. The Titans and the Tempest joined in the action for the first time.

The first match of the day was a battle between the two eastern conference teams. The Carolina Riptide vs. the New York Titans who we got to see for the first time. The Riptide showed in week one that they are bringing some serious talent. However, the Titans brought a strong team of their own and showed that the eastern conference is going to be hard to beat.

St. Louis Sentinels and Houston Blast recap. Sentinels again put up a good fight against a team they know well in the Blast.

Portland Grown brought the Portland Tempest to the 2017 battles for the first time on Sunday. They took the first round but ultimately the Blast were able to take the BO3 series.

We ended up the night having an early best of the east vs the best of the west battle. The Titans took the series with a three round sweep.

Despite having only limited exposure to the teams, we decided to do an initial power rankings.

Looking ahead to next week.