Power Rankings from Kairos 1. Green Valley Ascension (Seattle) GVA is the only choice for the top spot at this point. The roster changes have meant they have the talent to stay on top. 2. North Texas Skyline (Dallas) We keep seeing NTS put in work to get better. Looking forward to the future as they continue to play tough with the top teams. 3. Century City Stars (LA) I am sure that roster changes impacted this team. However, team captain NzaNe has said that he has rebuilt CCS with top tier talent. 4. Beach Jumpers TVH (LA) While we haven’t seen TVH in the past, I believe the foundation of this team coming from CCS means that they have a good shot at being a top team. 5. Douglasville Phoenix (Atlanta) OK, I know, we haven’t even seen this team yet. However, three things cause me to put them as one of the top teams. A) They are from a region that has some great players B) The team has very experienced leadership C) I have had conversations with the team leadership and they are committed to be the number one team in the PBL. 6. Rip City (Portland) This is the team formally known as Burnsiders. The squad gets better all the time. However, we haven’t seen much of them and I am not sure they have scrimmed enough to be at their best on Sunday. 7. Hudson Evolution (New York) Even though EVO came in to the PBL last month, we have seen very little of their full roster. It is hard to judge what we will see on Sunday. However, if they pull together an official squad, I am expecting them to be tough. 8. Durham Infernos (Carolina) Again, another new team that we haven’t seen yet. However, the leadership of DI is impressive and I expect them to blast on to the scene in the very tough Eastern Conference. 9. Minneapolis Predators (Minneapolis) I still remember when Predators came in and beat up on PBL teams when no one knew who they were. The competition has changed a lot since then but this is still a dangerous squad. Not sure if we will see them Sunday but I am hoping so. 10. Montrose Lycans (Houston) It is tough for me to judge where to put the Lycans. I know they have a lot of potential and I am looking forward to them climbing up in the ranking after Sunday. 11. Gresham Reapers (Portland) It is not hard to want to root for the Reapers. They are one of the most dynamic teams in the PBL. They have brought so much energy to the Portland scene. This is a team of veterans who are still getting back to top form. 12. Gateway Guardians (St. Louis) GG is one of the most consistent teams for weekly scrims. While they have struggled against the top teams, I think they are building a great organization and will continue to grow. 13. Silk Origin (Columbus) Silk has been bringing a dedicate squad to online events. It will be good to see them on Sunday. 14. Space City Outlaws (Houston) SCO are still searching for a solid four. However, the Houston area has talent and I think it is only a matter of time before they are competitive. 15. Schaumburg (Chicago) It is a shame that we won’t see this new Chicago team on Sunday. Don’t be surprised to find that they come out of the gate with a serious team. 16. White Rock Regulators (Dallas) While they aren’t a full squad, the Regulators recently got connected to someone who is part of another Dallas area Halo group. I am really looking forward to them grabbing a couple more quality Dallas area teammates. 17. Buena Vista Warriors (Orlando) The BVW captain has been around the PBL from almost the beginning I am really happy to see him building the Florida PBL scene. Coming off a trip to 2050, we unfortunately won’t see them on Sunday. 18. Long Island Basically the newest team in the PBL. Still working on a name. I am hoping to see them in the White Plains store. 19. Willamette Valley Swarm (Portland) All new players on WVS this month. Hard to know where to put them without even having a conversation with the leadership. We will see I guess.

Power Rankings from Gizmo


1. Acension 2. Skyline 3. Stars 4. Beach Jumpers 5. Rip City 6. Predators 7. Lycans 8. Evolution 9. Reapers 10. Guardians 11. Origin 12. Outlaws

Phoenix to play in the top 4 Inferno to play in the top 8 (Long Island) to play in the bottom 4