PBL North America Expansion

Sunday June 5th is almost here. The live Microsoft store events on the 5th mark an exciting transition for the PBL as we now are building teams all across North America. That means more stores, more teams and even bigger rivalries. We can’t wait to see what region will pull together the best local Halo 5 squad in North America.

We are excited by what we have seen so far. Atlanta, Houston, Columbus and Minneapolis are all working hard to add the best talent of their region to what was already a great set of west coast teams. Minneapolis certainly has been fierce in our online battles, emerging as an early powerhouse. We are also seeing a very strong new team come out of the Seattle region. Then newly form Green River Ascension completes the list of teams from the Puget Sound. Emerald Reign, the Pacific Coast Champion, understands that they will be facing new teams that are out to knock them off. Nugzy, team captain of Emerald Reign, is definitely committed to keeping his team on top.

The summer months will be used for teams to get to know their competition and to show their skill level. In the fall, we will be creating a bracket for our first North America tournament. We will seed the tournament from what we see in the summer. There is plenty of time to get on a team together for the summer sessions. Email us at events@battleleague.com if you want info on how to participate.

Of course one of the biggest developments is the announcement of the HCS Open Circuit by 343i. We are excited to root for PBL teams as they move through the Open Cups onto the Legendary Bracket. While we might lose some teams from our Sunday live events, we are going to be so proud of teams that show off their hard work in the big lights of the HCS. PBL players can be confident that they will have a loyal fan base as they move through the Legendary Bracket.