Conclusion of the 2016 PCC

This Sunday, May 2016, is the final PBL Pacific Coast Championship (PCC). We have spent the last nine weeks helping Halo players form local teams in LA, the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle. We are thrilled with the results. On Sunday we will see what region has produced the best team.

The battles will be casted on The first match on Sunday starts at 2:25pm pacific time.

Stryker Region (Seattle Area)

The Puget Sound is home to the teams that have to be considered the favorite for the PCC. Emerald Reign has emerged as a force on Thursday night scrims. However, we know that a local HCS team, Emerald City Flood, will bring a tough, experienced crew. North Sound Aces from Lynnwood/Everett suffered a disappointing loss on April 3rd to ECF. We are impressed at how NSA has focused their energy on improving rather than getting discouraged. The Lake Washington Tribe has such solid leadership and we can expect them to come ready to compete on Sunday. Any of these teams is capable of emerging as the team to beat from the region.

Tempest Region (Portland) The Willamette Valley Swarm continue to get better every week. We will be seeing a Swarm team that finally has a full group of players that have been able to consistently scrim together. The Swarm have also added a couple of great people to help organized the team. The Burnsiders team, however, has never really emerged and it is unlikely that they will be represented on Sunday.

Edge Region (Bay Area) While the bay area has only recently become active, we are excited to see the Bayside Rush being formed. Ben Ferry has come on as captain of the team and brings a long history of competitive Halo experience to the Rush. It would have been nice for Ben to have had a few more weeks to pull the team together but we are still very excited to see them on Sunday. We can be sure that as the word gets out to the bay area, Rush will field a competitive squad.

Legion Region (Los Angeles) SoCal eSports (SCES) has taken an interest in the PCC. SCES brings some serious competitors to the scene to help build the Century City Stars. The CCS is the biggest sleeper team for Sunday. If they come to play, they could find themselves winning it all. CCS will be helped by the emergence of the Beach Jumpers TVH. While TVH most likely won't have a full team, they could end up merging their talent into CCS on Sunday. Nathaen Wood is the new captain of Beach Jumpers TVH and there is no one more passionate about bringing a top tier team ready for battle.

We have had a great time with the PCC as our first multi-store campaign. The Microsoft stores could not have been better partners. They truly support their communities, including Halo players. We are looking for May 1st to finish off the 2016 PCC with some great battles. And after the conclusion of the PCC, we can’t wait to expand across North America and feature even more intense battles.