Introducing New Beach Jumpers Captain

Okay SoCal Halo fans, we are excited to announce that Beach Jumpers TVH has attracted a new captain. Nathaen “CinemA” Wood will be looking to grow the Beach Jumpers into a premier Reserve Club representing the area around Orange County. We already have a ton of respect for Nathaen and his passion to compete at the highest level.

Here is what Nathaen has to say:

“I found the Pro Battle League after spending hours in search for a competitive platform dedicated to Halo. The PBL is a group of talented individuals that I am excited to have the opportunity to work with. From weekly scrimmages, to monthly events in Microsoft stores, the company is expanding cross country soon and I am excited to be a part of that.

The PBL has given me the opportunity of being a team captain/manager for the Beach Jumpers. I have high hopes to build a team that will take on the entire league. I have been given the opportunity to prove that So-Cal is the best in the west and I plan to prove that. On top of building a great team I want to expand the Halo community in all aspects.”

We look forward to seeing the Beach Jumpers expand and bring their motto, Turbo Vesti Hostilis, to life. You can reach out to Nathaen directly at

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