PCC Prelims Update

The event at the Microsoft Stores Sunday, was fantastic. Because we were just launching the nine-week preliminary phase, leading up to the PBL Pacific Coast Championship, we expected to deal with some issues. All and all we were very excited with what took place. Here are some of the noteworthy items from the competition.

Lake Washington Tribe went 9-0

The team from the Bellevue, WA area were a perfect 3-0 in all their battles. Lake Washington Tribe beat Emerald Reign from Seattle metro, Willamette River Swarm representing Portland and Century City Stars from LA representing California. The team led by Dominque"Dmonq1" Waters and Max "ArticxxUno" Goff were pretty much in control the entire day.

Tribe has been playing together longer than the other teams they went up against. Their experience as a team could have played a big role in their success. If this is true, over the next nine weeks, they can expect teams to become much more competitive as they also get time to play together.

Portland Appears to Be Having the Most Fun

While it is a bit hard to gauge because Portland is the only place we could see on video, they sure seem to be enjoying the chance to bring out Halo players to a live event. Portland feeds off of DJBlue, the Voice of the PBL, and his energy. But they also score points for having Master Chief at the event.

It isn’t all fun and games with Portland. The Willamette Valley Swarm have been improving each week. And yesterday, the Swarm were joined by a Burnsiders squad. The more time the Portland Halo community has, the more opportunity there is for the great events to pull in even stronger players.

Los Angeles Has Some Awesome Leadership

One of the best things that happened yesterday was to see Los Angeles stores join in the battles. And we couldn’t be more excited than we were to have Tim “PerfectDemise” and Brian “RageMoreNerd” jump in and take a leadership role with the LA PBL scene. While the group that showed up was smaller than we had hoped for in our planning, Tim and Brian were able to put together a respectable team to represent SoCal.

We are going to be working hard to get the word out in the LA area that there is an opportunity to take part in some awesome local Halo action. And the other regions need to watch out when PerfectDemise and RageMoreNerd get a few more players to join in.

The Bay Area Needs a Couple of Leaders

Unfortunately, the Bay Area went unrepresented yesterday. We are definitely on the lookout for a member of the community who is passionate about contributing to the growth of Halo eSports and is willing to take a leadership role in the region. Ideally, we are looking for one team in Silicon Valley and one in San Francisco. We know there are a bunch of great players in the area and we look forward to them taking part in future battles.

Check out the recording of the broadcast at twitch.tv/probattleleague.