Can't Get Enough DigginClips

One of the best parts about being involved with eSports is that we get to hang out with incredibly creative partners. One of our relatively recent collaborators is DigginClips. We can’t get enough DigginClips and are looking for all kinds of ways to work with them. We asked DigginClips owner James Warren to tell us more about what brought his service to life and what they are planning for the future.

"I love video games, and I've been playing them for as long as I can remember! I created to be a social gaming site where gamers could easily find their clips and the clips of their friends to share with one another, discuss them right on the site or even share with anyone on their other social media platforms. I wanted to take it a step further and offer a unique award system where gamers would earn awards for their clips. Each award is tailored to a different play style or action that happens in their clip, so I thought it would be fun for our users to try and earn each award by adjusting their play styles accordingly and going for those awards! For example, the "Sniper Fi" award would be awarded for clips where the gamer does something crazy with a sniper rifle, while the "This Flag is My Flag" award would be earned when the clip involves something epic happening while capping, carrying or returning a flag!

Another unique feature we wanted to bring to the community is our Play of the Day and Clip of the Week! Each day we select 3 clips that we think are good enough to be featured as our Play of the Day. Our users then vote on their favorite, and the clip with the most votes is crowned our Play of the Day! Clips that make it as our Play of the Day are automatically entered into the running for Clip of the Week. This is where our users have some input. If their clip is one of the 3 selected for Play of the Day, they can then share their clip and try to get as many votes as possible. The Play of the Day with the most votes then is featured all the following week as our prestigous Clip of the Week! We want to develop a system where our users are rewarded for earning Clip of the Week, and we're actively working on bringing that to life. However, we are not ready to implement the reward system just yet. Our thoughts are that each month there will be 4 Clip of the Week winners. Of those 4, one winner will be selected at random and will win a cool prize, as well as have bragging rights for winning Clip of the Week!

We're only about 5 months old and in our journey, we ran into the Pro Battle League. The Pro Battle League is interesting in the fact that it provides such a unique gaming experience. Where else can you find intense, epic city VS city gaming competitions!? I am excited to follow the Pro Battle League as they continue their quest to discover which city has the best local talent! I am honored to have our Clip of the Week featured in their Twitch streams at! This is an exciting time for gamers and esports fan alike!"