The PBL Partners with eXtv


The Pro Battle League is truly eXcited to announce a strategic partnership with eXtelevision. eXtv has been involved with the eSports scene for 5 years and their broadcasts have been crucial to the continued growth of the TeamFortress 2 community. The PBL has been featuring eXtv content on our website for a while, but we have just created a more formal partnership with eXtine and the crew at eXtv.

One of our main goals at the PBL is to get eXtv the resources they need to produce even more great content. The entire TF2 community enjoys the work that eXtine, Lucky Luke and the whole eXtv team put into creating videos and live streams. We look forward to helping them increase their positive impact on the eSports community.

As teams in the four regions (Seattle Stryker, Portland Tempest, San Jose Edge and Los Angeles Legion) continue to develop, eXpect eXtensive coverage on eXtv. eXtelevision's YouTube channel will be the place to find highlights of the PBL's online and live events.

The PBL partnership with eXtv provides motivation and eXpertise to step up our standards for Twitch broadcasting and we are looking forward to the challenge. Along with improvements to our Twitch broadcasts comes more local events and greater opportunities for you and your team to “Grab Some Glory”.

If you have questions about eXtv or PBL, and especially if you want to get involved, email